Artist Statement

"If the viewer cannot look into your painting, then it is not a good painting" that is the sentiment my Chinese art teacher professed. It took me a while to understand what he meant. If the viewer just looks at your painting there is no connection created. Only by looking into the painting do you feel the energy, life force and movement from the painting.

In order to create this energy, I forgo the preliminary sketch and under paint, instead I spend the time to study the subject until I am ready to paint directly on the canvas. This freestyle approach is the only way to harmoniously connect the energy and the movement of the brush. With this, a transcendent experience is created between the artist, the artwork, and the viewer.

Project Statement - Earth and Water

Earth and water are the universes two unifying elements. But, most of us are too busy in life to enjoy the red purple sunset oh the distance hills and the sparking reflection from the sea, lakes and rivers. In this Earth and Water series, I hope to recreate these beautiful moments and to evoke their energy through the use of light and colour. I deliberately soften some edges of the form and shape in the painting to create the light. Within the light I create the space which in turn generate the energy and movement.  

Using Format