Peter's love of art began at a very early age, although he was not able to pursue it until later in his life. Family commitments largely kept his artistic vigour at bay, but he never abandoned his desire to commit himself to the craft. Later in life, when circumstances permitted he decided to leave the corporate world and commit himself to becoming a full time artist. Peter views the canvas as an extension of the world around him, capturing a moment in time, not filtered, but reflecting the beginning of a story.

Peter first learned art from a famous Chinese painting master with ink and water. He later incorporated the fast and strong brush work from Chinese painting into his western oils and watercolours. Peter’s philosophy for creating art is simple, he is committed to creating artwork that emanates energy, life force and movement. Peter’s oil painting usually begin with a Freestyle quick oil sketch of the subject and then they are layer with colour and finished with the highlight from a palette knife.  A multiple time winner of Juried shows, Peter’s inspirations are vast. His repertoire includes everything from text book illustration to instructing private painting classes. His artwork can be seen at the Burlington Art Gallery and also can be found in a vast array of private and corporate collectors.  


Elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists 

Fine Art Certificate at Sheridan College

Graphic illustration artist for "Crime and the Law" - The People Publishing Group Inc. 1995

Honourable Mention- Open Juried Show Beaux-Arts Gallery Brampton 2009

Honourable Mention- Cavan/Hillbrook Outdoor Painting Juried show 2016

Best of Town Scene at Elora Plein air Juried show 2017

People"s choice award at High Park Festival Juried show 2017

People's choice award Toronto Junction Plein air Juried show 2017

People"s Choice Award at Beaux-Arts Gallery Brampton 9th Annual Wildlife Juried Show 2017

Best Nocturne Price at Elora Plein air Juried show 2018

Selected artist for Art for Healing Exhibition Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre 1996

Peter's work are representing by The Art Gallery of Burlington


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